Jacques Maes & Lise Braekers

Nationality: Belgium

Jacques & Lise from Belgium, are both a couple as well as a creative inseparable duo. For several years now they have been closely working together as a freelance team, engaging themselves in a wide array of graphic design and illustration projects. They see each project as a new challenge in which they can attempt to surprise with a sense of style, concept, originality and eye for detail. In 2014 they made their children’s book debut by illustrating ‘Het Prullalamonster’ by Jean-Paul Mulders, followed by ‘Het ABC van Gaston Durnez’ in 2015, and ‘Oskar’ in 2016. Each one of their books is characterized by the signature use of a limited colour palette, as well the illustrator’s unique approach to try to find an original balance between poetic and witty visual storytelling.


Key Idea

Oskar is the name of a boy’s cute little dino toy. When Oskar goes missing one day, it is the boy’s mission to go and find his dearest friend again. This will mark the start of a great creative and imaginative adventure full of surrealistic braveness and subtle humor. While the story evolves around the imagination of the boy, the main subject and trigger is the little dino toy called Oskar. In a simple and iconic design, the book cover tries to put Oskar up front, whilst still giving a glimpse of the boy as he almost fades away from realism whilst imagining his creative upcoming story. The boy is taking a bath, but soon in his mind, the vast water around him will change into that of a large pond, harbour, or even bigger… an ocean. The cover bundles the adventure inside the book, as an extra hint in the end that the little boy actually never left the setting of his bathroom.

Material & Technique

Pencil, Computer


Van Halewyck, 2016