Katrin Rodegast

Nationality: Germany


Key Idea

I was asked by German nationwide political weekly "Die Zeit" to create a paper art piece for their periodical infographic series. The editors provided me with all required background information, facts and figures which should be presented within the infographic. The topic was the natural gas production in Europe, showing the resources, reserves, transportation, storage and usage of natural gas. I created this three-dimensional infographic by building all elements out of paper, representing the facts and figures through sizes, volume and color arrangements of the paper objects. The overall goal was to show facts as real objects in a three-dimensional space to make complex facts more vivid and easier to understand. My philosophy is that in a world in which facts become more and more important we need to think of new and different ways to make them consumable. This illustration could be one of these ways.

Material & Technique


Zeitverlag Gerd Bucerius GmbH & Co. KG, Germany