Liu Xin

Nationality: China

Born in Jinlin province Northeast China in 1986, Liu Xin is a member of China Democratic League. He majored in watercolor in the Educational School of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute from 2004---2008. He taught watorcolor in Boda College of Jinli Normal University from 2008---2014. Liu Xin engaged in watercolor contests both home and abroad from 2010-2014, winning many awards. He lived in seclusion in 2015. “Flower Map” was selected by Exhibition Frankfurter Global 2016. He became IlluSalon’s Chinese artist in 2017.


Key Idea

There are more than 400 kinds of flowers in the “Flower Map”. As there are 24 solar terms in four seasons in one year, so flowers will blossom according to their growing periods. When Liu Xin was living in the mountain, he and flowers there accompanied each other, so he came up an idea that he wanted to make paintings for flowers. As an ancient country, each and every flower in China has its own story, character and specialty. So, Liu Xin was looking for them, recording them and painting them. It seemed that they were having a conversation with each other.

Material & Technique



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