FBF and ICIA join hands for Global Illustration Award


12am 15th Oct 2015, Frankfurt Book Fair (FBF) and International Information Content Industry Association (ICIA) signed Memorandum to launch an annual illustration event named Global Illustration Award.

In the ceremony, Juergen Boos said that:”As far as I know,this would be the first award worldwide actually covering that topic,so we are very proud that getting together about cooperating and having this new award.” 


Juergen Boos, president of FBF

Based on Mingling Hou’s presentation, GIA is “ ICIA’s new effort to serve book industry, serve content industry.  It will be a stage for illustrators to step up, show their talents to the world, a bridge between illustrator and publisher, a bridge where passion and ambition come true, a wind vane to set new trend and lead our way.” 


Hongsheng Feng, Official from SAPPRFT (State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of People’s Republic of China) welcomed the cooperation. He said:” FBF is SAPPRFT’s old friend, ICIA who became SAPPRFT’s strategic partner in early this year, is our new friend. We are happy to witness the cooperation between our old and new friends. And wish the cooperation could boost the exchange in international information content industry.”