Interview on IlluSalon illustrator Hassan Amekan

IlluSalon: Please introduce your work in the Bologna Illustrator Exhibition this year.
Hassan: This book that was published at Spain, and was selected 2017 Bologna Book Fair. You(IlluSalon) expressed you liked this project.


IlluSalon: When you started illustrating?
Hassan: I started illustrating near 15 years ago. I liked to illustrate the
books for children whom can find their dreams. I am approaching my
dreams when it happens.


IlluSalon: How you get inspirations on illustrations? Does your sketch
help for getting inspiration?
Hassan: Always, when I read a story, I come back to my childhood that if I
read this book or somebody reads this book for me, I like to visit a
view that I paint for it.


IlluSalon: What picture books mean to you?
Hassan: I like modern and surreal atmosphere. When I illustrate a modern book like book that was at Bologna Book Fair 2017, it is a symbol of my
life and my personality.

IlluSalon: What content appeal to you most in illustrations? How it attract you?
Hassan: Usually, I like modern stories, because they are indicative this
period of time. But when I illustrated many years ago, they were by
different atmosphere like classic, modern, fantastic, etc.


IlluSalon: Have you created your own story? If you have, welcome to share
any of your ideas.
Hassan: I have a story by names “OLD WOOD CUTTER MAN AND THE FOX”.
This book published to some languages like Turkish, Persian, English
and Germany. This book is fantastic story about kindness between human and animal