2nd Global Illustration Award awarded at the Frankfurter Buchmesse

2nd Global Illustration Award awarded at the Frankfurter Buchmesse

Awards in five categories and one Grand Prize conferred


Frankfurt, 12 October 2017, for the second time, the “Global Illustration Award” (GIA) was awarded at the Frankfurter Buchmesse. The international prize was conferred in cooperation with the International Information Content Industry Association (ICIA) and hosted exclusively by IlluSalon, an international online platform for illustrators based in Asia.


The Global Illustration Award was awarded in five categories: “Book illustration”, “Original unpublished children’s picture book project”, “Advertising and editorial illustration”, “Scientific illustration” and “Theme illustration”. Three winners – two Excellence Award winners and one Gold Award winner – were selected for each category of the Global Illustration Award. For the first time, a Grand Prize was also given. The top prize winner receives 6,000 euros, while winners of the Gold Award and Excellence Award receive, respectively, 2,000 euros and 1,000 euros each.


The awards ceremony, which combined music with dancing, illustration and video art in a rousing show, took place in the area of the business festival THE ARTS+.

The winners of the individual categories at a glance:


Book illustration

Gold Award winner: Chao Zhang, illustration “A coin It is include in the book "Yu Guan-Chung's Poetry and Illustration".

Book-A coin-Caver乌猫.png

 Chao Zhang   A coin

Excellence Award winners: Annika Siems “The third man” and Hassan Amekan “Noah’s ark

Book-the thrid man- Annika Siems.png

Annika Siems   The third man

Book-Noeh's ark-Hassan Amekan.png

 Hassan Amekan   Noahs ark

Original unpublished children’s picture book project

Gold Award winner: Charlotte Fu, illustration “A Cat

Original-a cat-charlotte Fu.png

Charlotte Fu  A Cat

Excellence Award winners: Fatinha Ramos “Sonia Delaunay” and Sylvia Shen “I’ve lost my head

Original-Sonia delaunay-Fatinha Ram.png

 Fatinha Ramos  Sonia Delaunay 

Original-I've lost my head- Sylvia Shen.jpg

Sylvia Shen   I’ve lost my head

Advertising and editorial illustration

Gold Award winner: Victo Ngai, illustration “The Casserole

Adverstiseme-the Casserole-victo.png

Victo Ngai  The Casserole

Excellence Award winners: Victo Ngai, “To big not to fail” and Katrin Rodegast “Poolside

Adverstisem-too big to not fail-Victo.png

 Victo Ngai  To big not to fail


Katrin Rodegast  Poolside

Scientific illustration

Gold Award winner: Jochen Stuhrmann, illustration “Schleswig during early middle age

Scientific-Schleswing during early middle age-Jochen Stuhrmann.jpg

Jochen Stuhrmann  Schleswig during early middle age

Excellence Award winners: Katrin Rodegast “Our natural gas” and Xin Liu “The prototype of the angry birds

Scientific-Our Nartural Gas-Katrin.png

 Katrin Rodegast  Our natural gas

Scientific-The Prototype of the Angry Bird-刘鑫.png

Xin Liu  The prototype of the angry birds

Theme illustration “French – diversity and creativity”

Gold Award winner: Victoria Fomina, illustration “Parisian Sphinx” (Russia)


Victoria Fomina  Parisian Sphinx

Excellence Award winners: Jess Racklyeft “Le petite café” and Min Li “(her.him&it) one little child

 Theme-le petite cafe-Jess Racklyeft.png

Jess Racklyeft  Le petite café

Theme-herhim it-limin.png

Min Li  (her.him&it) One little child

Grand Award

Winner: Chao Zhang, illustration “A coin” It is include in the book "Yu Guan-Chung's Poetry and Illustration".