Interview on IlluSalon illustrator Narges Mohammadi

Bologna Children Book Fair 2017 has ended, and IlluSalon is focusing on the excellent works and illustrators show up on this exhibition. This is an exclusive interview on illustrator Narges Mohammadi, whose work is welcomed in Bologna Illustrator Exhibition.


IlluSalon: Please introduce your work in the Bologna Book Fair this year. 


Narges: My work which selected in Bologna Book Fair was one of the story of 1001 nights, called "Trojan horse" that it will publish in China.

IlluSalon: Please tell us your personal feeling about attending the Bologna Illustrator Exhibition this time.


Narges: This time was the 4th time that my work selected in bologna, and bologna book fair is one of the best opportunities to show your works to many artist, publisher and people who love illustrations. Selected works in Bologna usually go to other countries also, to Japan, China, Taiwan, the united states, and it is a really good opportunity for illustrator. And I feel good when see people like my works and can communicate with them.



IlluSalon: When you started illustrating?


Narges: I started to illustrating from 2006, and work with magazines and publishers in Iran and abroad. And I have about 30 books published.



IlluSalon: What content appeal to you most in illustrations? How does it attract you?


Narges: I prefer to try different content, because I like the challenges, and it helps me to learn more things in every experience, with new book in new topic



IlluSalon: Which aspect you devote most in illustration?


Narges: I think all aspects from character design, storyboards, composition, technique, style of performing, all are important which help to make a perfect illustration!