Jianghua Liao

Nationality: China

Born in Hunan Province in China in 1984, Liao Jianghun gained his Marster’s Degree in Oil Painting of Fine Arts from Chinese National Academy of Arts. Now he is the vice director of Department of Fine Arts of Guizhou Normal College. He engaged in arts exhibitions above the provincial level and gained several prizes. Some of his works were collected by collection orgniazations and friends in America and Singapore . He is good at illustration, oil painting, sculpture and landscape design. His works attended the Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art Documentation in 2007. “the Origin of Human Being “ was awarded the Excellence Award of Fine Arts Games of Guizhou Province. In 2015 his work “Love Fairy” was invited to the Cheong Ju Internatioanal Arts Biennale. He gained the Bronze Award of Artwork Competition of East Asia Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition. He was selected by the Training Program of Book and Illustration Creative Youth of National Endowment For the Arts and also received the Honorable Mention Award of International Illustration Award in 2016. He was also awarded the “Top Ten Youth in Oil Painting “ by Guizhou provincial government in the same year. His works are issued by “Arts of China”, “Guizhou Daily” “Collection”, “Literature and Art Criticism”, “Qianzhong Morning Paper” and “Guizhou Metropolis Daily”.


Key Idea

Face to own heart and the situation of life, the mood will be washed and can be transformation, which in order to achieve the most profound experience of art. It is also similar to the German esthetician Lubbius's "Emigration Theory" is somewhat similar. Concerned about our inner truth, which can catharsis depression, make the physical and mental pleasuresave and save the memory, transmission of sentiment, you can also pass a better, sustenance of the emotions. As the poet Eliot evaluates Shakespeare's sonnets, it is not only a form or a figure, but a way of thinking and feeling.

Material & Technique

Acrylic on cloth


Jilin Fine Arts Press