Tobias Krejtschi

Nationality: Germany

I was born in 1980, and lived my childhood in Dresden, the school years and youth in northwest Bavaria. I studied Illustration at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg (Diploma in Design and Master of Arts). Now I’m working as freelance illustrator, author and lecturer and give workshops and readings for adults and children all over the world. My work is exhibited in many different countries and my books are translated in numerous languages.


Key Idea

The german title of this picture book for older readers is Was WUERDEst du tun.If you translate it to english it means What would you do. But in german the word WUERDE also has the meaning dignity.The key idea of this book project is to show different situations in everyday-life where the dignity of people is affected.The reader is asked how he would react or feel being in this situation. In addition to that, the perspective of the acting characters are changing. On one double-page spread a situation is shown where they may hurt the feelings of others, on an other double-page spread they are shown as the person concerned.So, like in real life, humans can be victims and offenders at the same time.The book project does not want to give an instruction how to act correctly, it is more about reflecting oneselves behavior and about generating empathy.

Material & Technique



Michael Neugebauer Edition