Véronique JOFFRE

Nationality: French

Born in 1982 in France, graduated from Estienne School and from Strasbourg in Decorative Arts, Véronique works since several years for children books publishers and regularly works for editorial and corporate clients. Over the time, she developed her universe around technique of cutouts/collage of recycled, preferably painted and already colored paper that, with its ludic and concrete style, allows her to play with forms and colors, and directly cut into the material. Like a sculptor, she draws with her scissors. She loves associating different kind of paper and textures, building with the colors and making coexist rough shapes with more delicate things.


Key Idea

I've created these pictures to illustrate an article about Syrian refugees families being welcomed in two small villages, in the French countryside. Through these pictures, I've tried to show the difficulties for these people to land in the middle of nowhere, in a place where they don't know anybody nor anything, after such a long and dangerous journey. I also wanted to highlight the family bonds, and the way they find their marks and try to recreate a normal life, little by little, with the help of the local people. Focusing on the children full of life and joy was for me very important to evoke the hope these families can now live on, despite all the difficulties of adaptation.

Material & Technique

Paper cut-outs, colored felt pens


Revue XXI n°33